TransWin - An Application that lets you change opacity for any Windows application window

# Introduction
  # This(transWin) application allows you to change opacity of any Windows Application.
  # What is opacity property of any Windows Application.
    # By default, for most of the application in Windows, opacity value is set to zero.
    # means completely opaque ( Zero transparency ).
  # Now, You can change the opacity of any top most windows application and then you will be able to see through it.
# How to use?
  # Download and run this small application/utility.

# go to tray icon of this application, and right click and select  "Custom-Transparency" tray menu item.
  # Now use your mouse pointer and click on any Windows application for which you want to change opacity value.
  # An Input Box will appear on Screen, asking you for any numerical value, for opacity that you want to set,
    # Note, that you can choose any number in between [0 - 255]
    # Well, i recommend you to choose either 180 / 150 value for opacity.

  # Enter value for opacity in Input Box and hit Enter.

# When you want to reset opacity value, So you need to set opacity value of that window 255

  # that's it, you done it.

# Download from sourceforge.com
  # https://sourceforge.net/projects/transwindows/

# Programming Language : AutoHotKey