Getting Started LyX : LaTeX

# Getting Started LyX

# What is LyX
LyX is a document processor, Allow you to write and structure your document using the approach (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Mean) instead of (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). LyX combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease of use of a graphical interface.

# Download

## Overview of LyX GUI

## LyX supports a wide range of formats that you can import into LyX workspace.
For example, it supports LaTeX Plain, Plain Text, CSV, open Office docs, ...

## LyX can also capable to export your current workspace document into different formats, for example,  LaTeX Plain, PDF, DVI, PS, HTML, Plain text

## LyX support paste data from MS Word/MS Excel.
This is very useful, this is how You can paste a table from MS Excel (or Equivalent software's) or paste a Graph from MS Excel as graphics.

## LyX allows you change font style for either a selected section of document or full document.

You can change font family, font size, font shape and there are many more options.

LyX also have paragraph setting dialog box, that can change alignment of any object(section, figure, float, table, formula, ...) in LaTeX Document.

## LyX automatically generate code for whatever you have done so far within LyX workspace.
And you can change the format to LaTeX Plain, That will work just fine with TeX Studio.

## There are number of Panels with useful functions that can be added directly into LyX workspace. 
For example, there is a Table toolbar panel, that has functions/routines that deals with tables, like adding a row, adding a column, deleting a row/column, remove table chrome, merger either multiple rows or columns and so on....

## Insert  Menu Item in LyX, has different sub-menu items.

## Special Symbols that you can directly insert into LyX workspace.

## Different Formatting options available inside LyX such as new page, horizontal space, vertical space, horizontal line etc..

## You can change currently opened document settings, for example, changing document class, font, TOC, bookmarks, list, etc...

## Changing Font Family as well as font for active document.

## Here you can change line spacing for full document.

## Changing document class style ( one column document or two column document)

## Changing Page format settings and select a pre-defined size (default: A4)

## Changing Page Layout and page style (for example, fancy , uses fancyhdr package.)
There is one more option, Two sided document (For example, Book (With Mirror Margin))

## You can also change margin for full document. (though it is defined inside the document class that you are using.)

## LaTeX Bibliography Style (plain, IEEEtran, ..)

## Use hyperref LaTeX package that enable support for Hyperlinks, Bookmarks etc..

## LyX Bookmarks settings - either you want numbered bookmarks and the level up to you want to generate bookmarks with the help of Table-Of-Contents.

## Of-course you are going to use float either for Figure, Table , and Algorithm, In each case What you want LaTeX to do when it is unable to render that Float at the location where you write code for it.

## View => Update Document and Render as PDF + View
## Update => Update Document and Render as PDF 

## LyX main Toolbar
This has One Click menus for (useful)
Spell Check
Undo / Redo
Paste Clipboard content
Insert Math Formula
Insert Graphics
Insert Table
Insert figure Float
Insert table Float
attach label
Insert cite
Insert TeX code
Render as URL
Font Settings
Paragraph Settings
and much more ... 

## That's it for now, This is just a brief overview of LyX, But LyX is more than that.

Getting Started TeX Studio : LaTeX

# Getting Started TEX STUDIO

TeX Studio is an IDE for Latex Documents, it has many features, like- Code Completion, Document Outline, Auto-Compilation, Commands to convert file to different file formats. It can also generate code for you, (such as, Document Global import section, Differnt formatting for text, for sectioning, Differnt Environments, Different symbols and formulas, Graphics, Tables and Bibliography ).

## An Overview of TeX Studio

## If you want to, you can easily create templates or use pre-installed one, that helps a lot.

## Useful command are pre-defined into TeXStudio, You do not have to type any command, all you have to do is run them as you need, there are some document conversion commands also.

## Wizards are going to generate some code for you based upon your defiend settings for it.
It can generate code for document/report/book ....
It can also generate code for tabbling/tabular/graphics/math symbols/math equations.

## TeX Studio can also generate bibliography entry for you into external bibliography file.
There are many pre-defined templates for bibliography, you can type data into it, then it is going to generate code for you.

## Be careful while choosing default language for TeX Studio, because this language will be used for spell checking.

## If you want to look for pre-defined commands, this is where you can look for or edit them if needed.

## Meta Commands and user commands will be available into  Tools  menu item.

## Download


How to remove shortcut VIRUS from your system : AntiBAK

# How to know if your system is infected by this VIRUS
If your System is infected by this VIRUS then whenever you plug-in any external USB Drive then this VIRUS is going to move all your data from ROOT of that Device to another special directory (A directory without name), and in ROOT of that device, you will find a shortcut that points to windows system rundll32.exe binary file.
When you run this shortcut, now you will be able to access your data of that Device.
And there will be one file, that is main VIRUS BINARY (DLL FILE) if its name follows this pattern.


# VIRUS: This virus looks simple but it's not, its size is ~28MB, it's a DLL file when it is being distributed via USB (from one PC to another)
When user click that Shortcut, this is going to install into your System (Size ~ 90MB). This virus use windows resources, so no anti-virus softwares are able to detect it.
Its binary file is being protected using ASPACK Exe compressor program, So that no one can decompile it,
# First of all size of this virus is quite large, even after creator of this virus compressed it about 70%,
And second creator of this virus used a commercial program to compress and protect its code, so i do not know what is doing
Behind the scene, but i can tell you that, it must be very powerful and dirty virus.

# AntiBAK, that's my new program (basically script) that helps you to remove
latest VIRUS, that no anti-virus is able to detect or remove.
If your PC is infected by this VIRUS, then you may noticed that whenever you
plug-in USB Drive into your PC, shortcut appears into root of your USB Drive.
If you clicked that shortcut, VIRUS code is going to execute (or virus had been silently installed.) on your System.

# To remove VIRUS, run application and hit  __RUN__  button, that's it, DONE!
# Runs only on Windows7 + Windows8 + Windows8.1
# For Windows Vista or XP, first you need to download and install Windows Management Framework.
# though i write this application to only remove this virus (which using msiexec program), yet this GUI will help you to remove any kind of virus, all you have to do is, manually operate it.

# My application is going to find virus and permanently delete it from your PC, This application GUI is built using AutoHotKey scripting language
and the main logic to remove virus from PC is written in PowerShell Scripting language, So if you are advanced PC User, go for PowerShell script,
it's code is open-source and either you can download pre-compiled binary file or download source file and compile it yourself, or run PowerShell script, just to remove virus from your System.

# Download: