wkhtmltopdf , fast and easy tool to convert *.html(webpage) into PDF file, also free and portable and cross platform software

wkhtmltopdf, is a great tool for converting html (web pages) into pdf/ps/image no matter you want to convert a online webpage or a offline webpage(*.html), downloaded using (#wget -p - k --url_to_download ) or you can save your webpage directly using your browser, ( save page as, means CTRL+s ).

$ Convert web pages into PDF documents using webkit
$ Adding headers and footers (static/official version only)
$ Batch mode conversions

you can easily download wkhtmltopdf here.-->>

~~ Another similar tool you may be interested in this, wkhtmltoimage , which can be downloaded from here with wkhtmltopdf only in one package--
if you want to try this software without installing it , just extract it using 7ZIP or universal-extractor software.

~~ Download link for Linux users is here-->>

~~ Main advantage of this tool is that this software is also available for Linux, and it is fast and free software, and provides you powerful options but this software is a command line tool , so if you like command line tools than this tool may be best for you, because sometimes command line interface gives you more power.

here are some examples which are tested and customized and gives you what you want with a a pdf file also you can change the quality for PDFs file.
~~ In general command for this tool will be-->>
#wkhtmltoimage --options <input_file_path> <output_file_path>

~~ first this tool download your requested webpage and than create a pdf file, hence you can supply as many Urls as you wish.
~~ for windows users --->>
( If you want to convert offline webpage into PDFs file. )

/>wkhtmltopdf --load-error-handling ignore --image-quality 50 --output-format pdf "file:///I:/S_task/GRUB%20tips%20and%20tricks.htm" "grub.pdf"
( you can also supply as many webpage urls as you wish. )

/>wkhtmltopdf --proxy --ignore-load-erreors http://microsaint.narod.ru/_Info_Grub4Dos/Grub4dos_tutorial.html "grub-4dos-tutorials.pdf"

~~ for linux users -->>
$wkhtmltopdf --proxy --ignore-load-erreors http://microsaint.narod.ru/_Info_Grub4Dos/Grub4dos_tutorial.html "grub-4dos-tutorial.pdf"

~~ You can also customize your command parameters for this tool as you want , here are some general options, you may need it for wkhtmltopdf-->>
--image-dpi <integer>           When embedding images scale them down to
                                      this dpi (default 600)
--image-quality <integer>       When jpeg compressing images use this
                                      quality (default 94)
-l, --lowquality                    Generates lower quality pdf/ps. Useful to
                                      shrink the result document space
--output-format <format>        Specify an output format to use pdf or ps,
                                      instead of looking at the extention of the
                                      output filename
-s, --page-size <Size>              Set paper size to: A4, Letter, etc.
                                      (default A4)
--load-error-handling <handler> Specify how to handle pages that fail to
                                      load: abort, ignore or skip (default

#### for wkhtmltoimage-->>
--disable-plugins               Disable installed plugins (default)
--enable-plugins                Enable installed plugins (plugins will likely not work)
--transparent                   Make the background transparent in pngs
--user-style-sheet < URL >        Specify a user style sheet, to load with every page
--format, -f <format_of_image_file>
--quality <int.,0-100>

Note:- By default pdf/image file will be saved in the root directory , where you have installed wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltoimage software. also for windows as well as for linux this tool is a portable application . so it can be directly used from CMD/Terminal.

Learn how to customize shortcuts for command line tools..( SOON...)


similar tools/alternatives;-
#htmldoc ( GUI version is also available )
 # press CTRL+P for chrome users and change the destination as " Save as PDF "
# use online PDF converters which supports much documents formats,
example- http://www.online-convert.com 

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