How to download video from VIMEO.COM (Trick...), just with your browser;

 You will be able to download almost any kind of video, if you able to play that one in your browser.

Today i want to download some video tutorials for BLENDER Animation Builder, but mostly video are at www.vimeo.com and when i am trying to leech these videos, it takes some time and sometimes not works for me, so i decided to find a suitable way so that i can download these video without any online down-loader or any kind of third-party software.

Here are those steps so that you can also download video files from www.vimeo.com , easily;
-->> if your browser is not integrated with any kind of download accelerator like- IDM, XDMAN, ORBIT, FDM, WGET, AXEL, than just copy and paste the link, which we extract later.
-->> I am using Google Chrome Browser.
-->> below are some screenshots, and there is no need for further explanation, because this is a very easy method.

give it a try... when you need...

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