# If you lost partition table of your data storage device, such as your Hard Drive or a flash memory chip.
# oh, there was my very important data on my device.
# Does there is any way to recover my Partition table of Hard Drive.

I am going to share what i have done in past accidentally and i have lost my partition table and if go for data recovery options than i had been lost by 300GB data, means very important data.

# you already know that "No backup, no sympathy", i must follow this rule.

# after some research i found "testdisk" utility, just for recovering my files from my Internal hard drive.
# after exploring its features i am very impressed that this tool is able to recover your lost partition table, than i follow these simple steps and now i am happy, because i recover my 300GB data within 1 minute.

# actually i fixing my windows partition and accidentally i run this command.

! what i have done?

# there are those simple steps to recover lost partition table.

# install testdisk
sudo apt-get install testdisk

# run testdisk utility
sudo testdisk

# step_first>>create

# step_second>>>browse for given Hard drive.

# step_third>>> select partition table type.

# step_fourth>>> analyse partition structure and for lost structure

# step_next>>>testdisk will show you the current partition table on that device.
so go for quick search.

# step_next>>> testdisk will show you your lost partition table on that device.
hit 'Enter'

#step_next>>> here you have recover, your lost partition table,
select 'Write' > hit 'Enter'

# step_next>>> haha, we have done, I am happy with playing with testdisk, this utility is much more useful than any other utility you came to know, ...
# this utility is free, and you may wonder that how much content you can recover even after deleting or formatting of your data storage device.

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