save wepage as archive (*.mhtml) using google chrome or firefox

# In this post, i want to share some tips for those who love to save web-pages for their research or with a hope that they might need this web page for later reading purpose.

# You can also save any web page in PDF format, but i think this way is not best, because i really hate to edit PDF files, actually it's boring to extract content from a PDF document. but if you are working with a *.mhtml or *.maff file, this gives you many features to customize them and more interactive than PDF documents.

# The best way that i found, is that save your web-page as a single web_page_archive file, and if you are thinking why should i save my web page as a single web page archive file.

# Answer is quite simple, because you can manage that file easily rather that managing a html file along with a folder which contains file necessary for your html document.
for example, if you save a web page than you will notice that there will be a html file and a folder, say, ( index.html + index_file )
index_file is a folder which contains, images , javascripts, and css etc.

# if you save a webpage as a web page archive than you can open this with google chrome or internet explorer, without any addon, but if you are a firefox user that you have to download a addon for firefox which allow you to save a web page as mhtml and allows you to read mhtml file.

# google_chrome and its relatives.
>>> type 'chrome://flags' in chrome URL tab.
>>> search for 'save _______'
>>> you will see an option, 'save as mhtml'
>>> enable this option and restart google-chrome
>>> you are now able to read and write mhtml files.

# for firefox_users>>>
you have to download and install this addon, from this website.
this firefox addon allow you to save a web page in many formats, such as mhtml, maff, and other formats.
# minimal disk space.
# link to original web page.
# include everything in a single archive to display a full web page.
# a lot of features to play with them, i also love this addon.
( http://maf.mozdev.org/ )

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