LiveCoder-r4 Application : Interactive environment to easily learn Coffee-Script, Jade and Stylus

# LiveCoder-r4 Application
     written for Web and JavaScript developers to easily learn and understand concept using an Interactive Environment for Coffee-Script, Jade and Stylus, ( If you want you can add other Languages too, Its FREE, Open-Source and Full-Portable), Just Download Extract and Run.

# This is not an IDE for Coffee-Script/Jade/Stylus, This just helps you to play and learn them very effectively.

    Currently I have upload binary file only for Windows Operating system, But As This tool is written using JavaFX ( Basic4Java) this will seamlessly run on any platform.

# Simple GUI Design

# Introduction to Features
     # Interactive Environment for Coffee-Script, Jade and Stylus CSS pre-processor.
    # No need to Download other binary or extra file.
    # Free, Portable and open-source, just download and install.
    # Embedded node.js binary and node package manager so that you can easily extend its features.
    # If You want, You can add support for other languages like, ( TypeScript, etc..)
    # Cross-Platform support ( Built using JavaFX ( and B4J ))

# Why use?
    # Have you ever used Coffee-Script/Jade/Stylus Language before, These are complete languages or you can say they just extends the features of their parent Languages.

    # LiveCoder gives you power to use this languages with installing and configuring anything else, Just download and extract the content to your defined Directory and you are ready to go.

    # Now browse into ${PROJECT_HOME} directory, there will be some executable files, each Built using AutoIT for Windows Operating system, these are based on my previous project ( jLauncher -> gives power to package your Java application in Fully portable manner, so that your user just download and use them, This is about running your Java application even without installing and configuring JRE . )

    # LiveCoder-r4.exe -> for running LiveCoder without CMD
    # LiveCoder-r4D.exe -> for running LiveCoder with CMD
        Helps you debug your application if anything goes wrong..
    # LiveCoder-r4-x64.exe -> for running LiveCoder without CMD  for 64-bit System.

# Getting Started
    # First download pre-built binary from sourceforge.net
    # Extract its content to any directory you want
    # Now run the executable for Livecoder as your needs.
    # Select your Language by clicking on Checkbox
        # Now click on "OPEN" button to load sample files into workspace
        # Now you can clear contents ( Using "CLEAR" button) if you want and write your own code and you can see the compilation results on fly, there is no need to save and then compile LiveCoder will Do that for you.

# So, It was so easy.

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