very Basics of web elements

# you can imagine each HTML element as a baby ( Age: 0 year).
# and CSS rules as experiences for that baby when he becomes a boy ( Age: 10 year).
# and JavaScript is about the creativity, the way he thinks, the way he works and good parts
 and bad parts.

# So, you just define a HTML element inside your web page. that is nothing but more than a name which have its own HTML/CSS/JS code that is not visible to you, you can imagine this look/behavior as default, means there is nothing special, every person with the same HTML element will get the same rendering output, ( for same browser and same operating system.)

# OK, now you have a DEFAULT HTML element and you are going to select it using CSS techniques,
and you want to apply some cool and awesome CSS styles for this selected element ( Using CSS rules).
after completion of this step you will have a cool and great looking HTML element with your custom HTML content and custom CSS style. but till now you have not define any special behavior for that HTML element, OK we will do that using JavaScript.

# Now you can use JavaScript to make sure that your HTML element behaves as the same way as you expected, Its time to add some custom JavaScript code for this selected HTML element, and here we are going to select this HTML element using JavaScript code.

# Using JavaScript code you can define custom behavior for your HTML element, means you can attach user events with them and tell the Web Browser about them, Hello Browser, when this events happens you have to do this and for that event do this, if you have not detect this event than do nothing, just wait and wait until user close you or restart you. because JavaScript is a Event Driven language, means if there is any event occurs related to this element, do the job according to defined behavior. In JavaScript there is an Event loop and some default and custom event handlers code for that events, event loop start when JavaScript Engine initializes and runs until you close the Browser.

## So, this is what you want, with custom HTML + custom CSS + custom JavaScript code.

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